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Join me as I share how the Holy Spirit led me to the truth about the Egyptian Desert Fathers, the Roman Catholic Church, the Emerging Church, and the current prayer and prophetic movements in the Charismatic church. Discover how the doors to the Church have been opened wide to Satan by false prophets, counterfeit manifestations, and the use of eastern meditative techniques such as repetitious prayers, visualization, and even astral projection. Chances are you or someone you know have been affected by these demonic practices and deceptions that have crept into the church. It is time to cleanse the house of God!
Published in 1998, Grace Abuse addresses the errors of Calvinism and the false doctrine of "once saved, always saved." This book explains the Biblical and historical path to genuine revival.
The Polluted Church:
From Rome to Kansas City


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Grace Abuse:
One of the Greatest Hindrances to Genuine Revival

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